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At Potter Chiropractic we want to make your first visit as comfortable as possible.


Below is what to expect on your first visit with your Chiropractor –


– Upon arriving 10 minutes early you’ll be greeted by our lovely staff (Dee or Nikki).

– You will be given a detailed questionnaire to complete so you can describe the details of your condition.

– Next you will meet with your Chiropractic doctor who will listen closely to your concerns.

– Your doctor will thoroughly reveiw your health history and determine if yours is a Chiropractic case.

– A physical examination involving orthopaedic and neurological tests will be performed to determine the underlying cause/s of your problem.

– If necessary your Chiropractor will order X-rays to help formulate the correct diagnosis (Free of charge with Medicare rebate).

– Before proper care can begin your doctor will correlate all the findings and diagnose your condition from the history and physical examination.

– If yours is a case of severe pain the doctor may suggest the application of ice, heat or other anti-imflammatory products to help with discomfort.

– The initial visit with your doctor is 40 minutes.

– Prior to leaving you will be given a welcome pack and the recommended time for your next appointment.