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Our clinic is different – to help you achieve your goals our Chiropractors have continued to expand their knowledge and are skilled in a wide range of therapies such as dry needling, massage, cupping, stretching and exercise rehabilitation.

We are equipped with a range of health care porfessionals such as massage therapists, myotherapists and psychologists (New View Psychology) to provide you with care throughout all stages of recovery.

We understand that fixing your problem isnt just about getting rid of the pain, but going beyond being simply “pain free”. We focus on fixing the underlying issues that led to your injury in the first place.

Our Chiropractic patients greatly benefit from our approach which involves more than one type of therapy preformed in a single session.

Chiropractic Adjustment/ Spinal Manipulation

This specialized technique performed by our Chiropractors is utilised to restore motion to a joint that has lost its normal movement and has become fixated (what your chiropractor calls a “subluxation”).

A fixated and stressed joint interferes with communication between the brain and the joint/muscle complex, further affecting the motion of the joint and the spinal region. Another point that cannot be overlooked is that joints require nourishment through movement – a fixated joint is therefore lacking nourishment and will heal poorly.

The adjustment is performed by the chiropractor using his or her hands to apply a controlled, sudden force to a joint, pushing it beyond its usual range of motion. You may hear popping or cracking sounds as your chiropractor moves your joints.

Repeated adjustments over time will reteach the brain to control the affected joint and improve the movement and allow the area to heal.

 Our chiropractors are trained in many massage techniques, and depending on the condition being treated and patient preference, we vary from deep tissue to a more gentle type.
Massage is used to decrease pain in an area and improve mobility of the joint.
Gentle Chiropractic


There are several circumstances for the use of gentle chiropractic techniques:

  • Patient preference: Some patients do not feel comfortable with traditional spinal manipulation based on past experience or concern with not being able relax.
  • Chiropractor’s experience: Our chiropractors determine the most effective technique to get the best results and will adapt several techniques to suit the patient’s needs for healing.
  • Contraindications: Some patients may not be able to tolerate the traditional chiropractic adjustment. These include cases of prior injury, spinal instability, osteoporosis and inflammatory conditions.

It is common for a combination of methods to be utilized, in addition to adjunctive therapy such as exercise and heat/cold therapies, for chiropractic management of cervical spine pain.

Three examples of commonly employed techniques include the ‘Drop-piece’, ‘Activator’ and ‘Blocks’.

The drop-piece table utilizes the motion of a small calibrated drop mechanism from the table allowing the Chiropractor to manipulate the fixated joint- whether it be spinal or limb joint

The activator is a hand held instrument that provides a quick gentle impulse to the fixated joints.

The blocks (biomechanical wedges) are utilized for lumbar and pelvic complaints. With specific placement of the blocks under your pelvis whilst laying down on the Chiropractic table we are able to help remove torsion and re-align the pelvis.


Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a treatment technique used to decrease pain and release muscular trigger points (knots in the muscle). It is also utilised to stimulate your body’s natural inflammatory response and fast track the healing process.

Dry needling is performed with a sterile, single-use, fine filament needle (acupuncture needle) inserted into the contracted muscle.

Cupping is a old Chinese technique, however the way our chiropractors use them is more modern.
Traditionally the cups are left on the skin while the patient is not moving and only taken off when the skin becomes very bruised.
Our way involves applying multiple cups over the injured area while the patient is moving. This allows us to directly target not just the area of pain but the particular movement that is painful. We then progress the intensity of the movement until pain free motion is restored.
Advanced Stretching Methods
These stretching techniques go beyond just holding a simple position for 30 seconds while feeling a stretch,  which is very passive and involves no muscle activity
A big reason why muscles tighten up and restrict movement is because the muscle is not strong in the stretched or fully lengthened position. These stretching techniques involve strong muscle contractions in the stretched position. Over time the muscle begins to feel confident in positions it previously felt scared to go into. Mobility changes occur faster and are more long lasting with this method.
IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation)
This is the freeing up of the tight and painful muscles with the use of a blunt metal blade like tool on the skin. The tool is scraped along the skin with either the patient relaxed or through various movements, like bending, squatting or throwing. Commonly red bruising appears in the area that the tool has been used on. Similarly to cupping, we can target a not just the painful area but the painful movement too.
Exercise Rehabilitation with Neuro Rehab
The key concept to understand with human movement is a muscle does not contract unless the brain tells it to do so. Therefore identifying a weak muscle also means the brain is controlling that muscle poorly.  This is a very important concept that heavily influences how we assess and treat weaknesses in the body. We are less concerned about increases in muscle mass and more focused on optimising how the brain controls the weak muscle. The amazing thing about this is that changes in the brain occur much faster than change in muscle fibres.
Slow Motion Video Analysis
Analysing how someone moves their body is very important when identifying why pain persists or always returns. Our chiropractors take this the next level by but recording various movements in slow motion with the use of iPads. We then replay the video frame by frame to find underlying instability and bad movement patterns which are caused by muscles imbalances and weaknesses. We can then show the video back to the patient and explain exactly where their issues are and give the right exercises that their body needs.
Concussion Management
Concussion is a mild brain injury affecting the pathways of the brain stem. It causes these pathways to weaken resulting things such as headaches, chronic fatigue, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity. Usually the symptoms resolve after 2 weeks, however 10% progress into long term health issues. Not all concussions are exactly the same and different pathways are effected more then other. Our chiropractors are trained to determine exactly which pathways are most effected and will give individualised home exercises to treat this condition. 
Maintenance Care
This involves regular ongoing treatments. We want to keep our patients stay healthy and keep moving.
We recommend doing this for a number of reasons.
1. You are not ready or able to go through with the prescribed exercise program but still require treatments to prevent flare ups and aggravations of your condition
2. To prevent little niggles and twinges from progressing into something more serious.
3. Athletes wanting to keep in tip top shape.
4. To minimise the effect a person’s jobs takes on the body.
5. To keep feeling the benefits of our treatments
Work And Daily Activity Assessments
We spend time educating our patients on the right ways to lift, carry, sit, stand and everything in between. If these movements are done incorrectly and repetitively it can place great amounts of stress and irritation on the joints of the body. These stresses are likely the reason why you are in pain in the first place and also why the condition is not healing naturally. Correcting these activities with the help of your chiropractor will minimise the day to day stresses placed on the body from activities at home and at work.